WIP-it "Wednesday": 32 of 52

Wow. It’s been awhile since I’ve done a WIP post, kittens. So long I had to pull up a 2011 calendar online and count out which one today is.

Today’s pictures are not that great. They’re taken with my cell phone and pretty blurry. I hadn’t realized how crappy and sensitive my camera is; it can take some lovely pictures in natural light, but apparently hates my bathroom.

As mentioned in a recent blog post, I finally picked my cardigan back up. Last night I reached the point where I will alternate skeins before starting the next. I am pleased to say that I have two full skeins left and it’s looking like I can definitely make the cardigan long enough. With pockets. This is great. Sadly, the internet can not properly communicate my happy tone.

I plan to go just a tiny bit longer before starting the pockets (6-12 more rows for up to 1.5″ more) and then I’ll know for sure. I have yet to err on the side of making a top too long, and I’m aiming for a longer cardigan, so this should hopefully get me there.

I’m even daring to be optimistic enough that I may have enough yarn left over to undo the sleeve bind offs and make them a wee bit longer. I can live with them at this length, but even a few more rows would have been preferable. I doubt I’ll have enough yarn to get an extra 1″-2″ in each sleeve, but that’s life. If I can avoid having to pester the one other owner of this colorway, I’ll take it as-is.

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