Kittens, I have been an awful blogger this month, despite having content to write about. I’m currently waiting on some better pictures to share of a project, but for now, I’ll share 2 new WIPs with you. Not on Wednesday, because I was too busy then. The Mister’s schedule is making things difficult, and I’ve been sucked into a silly (and frankly, pointless) island resort game as a diversion.

BUT. I’ve actually been knitting while wasting my time building my pixel empire.

Are you all Puffing yet?

I’m currently at a halt on this while I figure out where I want to go. I do not quite want to make it a blanket, not stuffed like it is. I am torn between a pillow, and some sort of crazy, awesome chair cover. I think my brain has been eaten and I’ve lost my mind. That seems to be the theme for this month.

The only real difference I’ve made from the pattern is that I’m picking up stitches to connect as I go, rather than tie all of my hexipuffs together at the end. (This genius idea came from Ravelry’s CrochetAmy.) It’s pretty quick and smooooth. I have big plans to knit this pattern more than once.
While I figure out what to do with that project…look at what else I cast on:

It’s a sock. I haven’t worked on any of these since the beginning of the calendar year. Toe-up. Self-striping. Cable rib detail on the sides. So much to love here.

So what about you, kittens? Have you been getting any yarn-y crafting done over the summer? Surely some of you live in climates where it’s not baking hot and the thought of wool in your lap doesn’t make your skin itch? I’ll be stuck in summer’s clutches for another 6 weeks or so, but I’m definitely dreaming of cooler autumn weather.


  1. Jen says:

    I have been eying the beekeeper pattern. Not sure if I want to join the craze yet… Yours looks great though and I love the socks.

  2. Lina says:

    I started hexipuffing and love it! So cute! So easy! So quick! Until I count the number of puffs I'll need… and that scares me, LOL! Oh well, it will be something for the future and not the now so I'll just make them as I have time. :)

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