September 2011 Wrap-up

Yardage Totals 2011

January: 1071 yds
February: 762 yds
March: 1189 yds
April: 1083 yds
May: 849 yds
June: 487 yds
July: 222 yds
August: 687 yds
September: 405 yds

Year to date: 6,755 yds or 3.84 miles

It felt like I knit quite a bit more than this all month, but much of it was sock and small-scale project yardage which can be hard-earned. Even though I’m a little disappointed with how low the number is, I’m rather pleased with how much I managed to get done: 1.5 pairs of socks, a small monkey, and the component of my son’s Halloween costume. Onto October!

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