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2011 Stash Down: Final Post

Well, kittens. There’s definitely no more yarn to be out these next two days, and there’s no yarn coming in. May as well wrap the year up, eh?

2011 Stashdown Q1:
Yardage In: 15,254
Yardage Out: 1,737
Net Stash Change: +13,517
Ratio (yds out/in): .114

2011 Stashdown Q2:

Yardage In: 880
Yardage Out: 4,286
Net Stash Change: -3,406
Ratio (yds out/in): 4.87

2011 Stashdown Q3:
Yardage In: 1,975
Yardage Out: 2,125
Net Stash Change: -150
Ratio (yds out/in): 1.08
2011 Stashdown Q4:
Yardage In: 1,728
Yardage Out: 2,388
Net Stash Change: -660
Ratio (yds out/in): 1.38
2011 totals:
Yardage In: 19,837
Yardage Out: 10,536
Net Stash Change: +9,3011
Ratio (yds out/in): .531

So yes, my stash did increase in size. (The vast majority of it yarn for a blanket I haven’t finished yet, but have knit 1/3 of the way through…I can’t wait to see that number as stash out next year.) But despite the large amount of yardage in Q1, I did really well every other quarter…even though really low productivity tried to thwart my efforts. And considering all of that, the ratio is not bad at all.

As we’re always telling newer members in the Stashdown group, this is a process. It doesn’t work overnight and it takes time to change habits. I’ve been pretty pleased to see the changes in my purchasing habits since starting Stashdown in 2010. Let’s compare some numbers. (The first number is my 2010 yardage in while the second is my 2011 yardage in.)
Q1: 6,681 vs. 15,254 (There’s that blanket yardage. 😛 )
Q2: 7,014 vs. 880
Q3: 7,591 vs. 1,975
Q4: 19,553 vs. 1,728
I’m really happy with where I am purchasing wise, but 2011 was a bad year for productivity. I’m hoping 2012 will change that and I’ll be seriously in the green. I should finally reach my original goal of fitting all of my stash into that under-bed tote! Some people may find the fact that it’s taken over 2 years to reach this goal a bit depressing, but I’m OK with it. All of the changes I’ve made to my behavior will allow me to maintain a perfect-for-me sized stash in the future.
How about you, kittens? Was 2011 good to you and your goals?