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FO Friday

Friday can always use some pictures, amirite, kittens? I had two choices for my January FOs: I could post them all in one large post or break them up. For the sake of blogging material, I’ve chosen the latter. Hey, I have to have content one way or the other, right? (And realistically, I do not see myself having an FO for at least another week–maybe even two. I have several things on needles; none will be finished soon.) Anywho, you came here to see pictures not read my silly blog-keeping musings, yes?


Pattern: Papillotes by Rose Hiver
Needles: US size 2
Yarn: The Sanguine Gryphon Bugga: Pink Katydid
You may recall my blogging these earlier…as socks for myself. When that naggy little voice in my head told me that size 2 needles were just too small…I didn’t listen. I looked at a plethora of other projects knit in Bugga that told me size 2 needles were on the large end of what other people were using…so I didn’t trust my gut. Bugga is classified as a sport weight yarn, kittens.
Sport. Weight.
I’m a tight knitter, and I went with 2s? Seriously? My knitting seems to have loosened up a smidge lately, but not that much. (Some of this can be blamed on my sock knitting origins where I knit my socks way too loose. I now knit every pair worrying that the fabric is not firm enough, and they’ll never hold their shape. This hasn’t been a problem in ages…and still, I worry.)
I really should not have been surprised that when I went to try these on, they were very snug and difficult to get over my heel. And you know me, kittens: I hate frogging and will avoid it at all costs. Frogging usually means death to both the project and the yarn involved. It doesn’t matter how much I loved it before knitting. Once it’s been used, my enthusiasm for it is forever gone. Very rarely, there’s an exception to this. So I put my mind to work: how could I save these? Then it hit me: The Girl is now at an age where she’s interested in and actively asks for hand knits. She also tries to steal my wrist warmers every time she sees me wear them. The Girl has a rabid obsession with pink. The brighter, the more she loves it. Problem solved! All I had to do was add ribbing after the cable twists and add a thumb hole. Ta da! Pre-schooler wrist warmers. She wore them non-stop for the first week she had them. One has been misplaced and she’s constantly asking me where it is. Because, you know, as Mom, I’m supposed to Know All The Things.
From what I knit of the pattern, I have nothing bad to say about it. I liked learning a new cast on, and I definitely plan to give it another go in different yarn at a later time. The same goes for the Bugga. It was a bit tangly and gave me some issues winding, but otherwise, I have nothing negative to say. I’ll have to review it more when I’ve worked a larger project in it.
Making wrist warmers for my daughter created an issue I didn’t see coming: my usually easy-going son became insanely jealous. Until recently, my daughter has snubbed anything hand-knit, so he’s been the primary beneficiary of any child related knits. It did not sit well with him at all that she received these and some FOs I’ll blog later. So I had to make him some too….

Pattern: Voo Doo Wristwarmers by Bonnie Marie
Needles: US size 8
Yarn: Knit Picks City Tweed HW
I’ve made this pattern before. In fact, it was one of the first knits I ever made back in August 2007. (Remember that this year is my 5 year blog-iversary? My 5 year knit-iversary is in May.) To make these for my son, I created an XXS size by decreasing the stitch count. Really, the pattern is just a 2×2 rib tube with a thumb hole in it…nothing really special or fancy.
Overall, The Boy is pretty happy with them, but he does complain the the yarn is itchy. City Tweed has a 25% alpaca content and he seems to be sensitive to that. He’ll wear them for 10 or 15 minutes, but then takes them off. He’s happy for now though, and that’s what matters.
Happy Friday, kittens! ♥