April 2012 Wrap-Up

Sorry Kittens, I was a bit distracted. Things are super hectic Chez Knitpicky right now, making it very difficult to get to tasks like blogging.   I feel like I’m spending a lot of time apologizing for my absence these days.  I’ll eventually be back after we move and get settled.

Yardage Totals 2012:

January: 817 yds
February: 782 yds
March: 1350 yds
April: 421
Year to date: 3370 yds or 1.91 miles

As you can see, my yardage for the month was pretty low.  It was all in fine gauge yarn, however, so it wasn’t for a lack of trying.  We had a very hot April which made it difficult to knit much, and I definitely did more sewing this month.

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