And now it’s here!

Back in January I blogged that July is a big month for myself and this blog: we’re both having significant birthdays this year.  My original plan had been to fill every day in July with blog posts, both serious and silly. HOWEVER.  This move is throwing a serious wrench in the works and at the pace things are moving it’s going to be August before I’ll be able to post photos or even have my household goods.  (Not sure this is the correct time and place to wank about how stupidly complicated this move has been… but trust me, Not. Fun. At. All. and not going to get any better in the near future. UGH.)  I’m currently blogging from a Microtel and trying not to dispose of my children.  Living in a single room together for more than a couple of days without a car during the day and no where to walk to is surely a recipe for disaster.  I may be institutionalized before it’s over.  Add to it that I have some serious food issues, and we were unable to book a room with a kitchen, has a teenytinywhocallsthisthingafridge, and I’m unable to eat out at most places…?  YEAH.  Tons of fun here right now.  We finally gave in and bought a George Foreman grill last night so that we can at least make some sandwiches and grill some meat.


I’m hoping to make with some of the posts I had planned to do to celebrate my birthday and the blog’s.  Hopefully, you’ll be reading more of me in the coming days that will not be complaining and unhappiness.

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