5 Most-Worn Knits

EDIT: In the day since starting to type out this post, the first statement is no longer true; we’ve now accepted our housing and will have our household goods on the 23rd.  There is an end in sight finally.   WOOT. No, seriously.  WOOT.

We’re still in limbo here…at the hotel, no address, no end in sight for the time being and to add to the chaos, we did something crazy:

Meet Tala.  Puppyface! ā™„ā™„ā™„  Now we have someone else who will steal my time and try to destroy my knitting…but she sure is cute, and she’s pretty well behaved for being just under 3 months old.  I’m already concocting evil plans to dress her in sweaters and crochet her a blankie.


I suppose it’s time to actually start writing some of the Birthday blogs I meant to do this month.  This first one I thought would be the easiest, but it turns out I was mistaken about that.  Living in the south with a short sweater season made for difficulty determining which five knits I truly wear the most often.  For about 2 months of the year, I would wear all of them.  One might think that I would wear my socks more often, but when it’s too warm for light weight sweaters it’s usually too warm for wool socks.

After a bit of hemming and hawing and debating with myself what criteria to use, this is what I came up with:

Now, you may want to point out the obvious that this is a Top 5 list and there are only 4 pictures, but one of them is doing double duty.  Apparently 2010 was a good knitting year for me; every single one of these was knit that year.  You can follow the links to my Ravelry pattern page for each project.  Most of what has to be said about them is there.  One of these days I’d like to write some blog posts about which knits I still have in my possession and how they’ve worn over time.

O1. Goblin Gauntlets – These were perfect for Southern winters.  Fingering weight and went up the arm just enough to keep out the chilly breezes.  Neutral, but definitely not boring.  These are definitely my most-worn knit, hands down.
O2. Fit for a Goblin King – Made to match the mitts.  Of course I love it and wear it often.
O3. Olympian Cardi – Someone once told me that the yarn’s colorway looked like raw ground beef to her. I’m not sure how that was meant, but I’m a huge fan of ground beef so I chose to view it as a compliment.  This cardigan has been quite wearable, even though my weight has gone down a bit since I originally knit it.  It’s slightly big, but not to the point that it looks sloppy.  It makes for a nice layering piece on chilly days and the color is just so cheerful.
O4. Dreamy Basic Cardi – This is my go-to movie theater cardigan.  The only way it would be more perfect is with bracelet-length sleeves.
O5. Lacewing – Anytime I wear a dress and want a cover-up, this is the cardigan I grab.  It makes such a lovely silhouette with full skirts.


  1. Kitten says:

    All of them are so adorable! You've got a nice eye for color, that is for sure. Also, I might be living at a hotel for a while too! We can bond over our hotel living. šŸ˜€

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