Daily Archives: September 5, 2012

WIP-it Wednesday: video edition

Here are a few links for you, kittens. I hope that wasn’t too painful to watch. It’s surprisingly hard to stay on-task while talking.  If this becomes a regular feature, I may need a lap-top and a more visually quiet space to film in.  The camera had a hard time deciding what to focus on.  It probably doesn’t help that I move around too fast for it to follow easily either.  D;

♥ My Color Affection
Amineko: the pattern I can never seem to complete
Uma (not Ume) by Chic Knits.
♥ And I did manage to alter the color a smidge with the editing program: so they’re truer-to-life now than they were in the original video.
♥ It’s really…fun to try and explain to a 4 year old why her vulva can not be plastered all over the internet.  OY.  Time for some Kraken.

I hope it’s starting to cool off where you all are, and you can get some relief from the heat!  I’m going to continue crafting and setting up my area here, as well as do projects around the rest of the house.  I’m also looking to refresh my blog design finally.  It’s about due again.