Good Friday!

Well, kittens!  I can finally update something I was talking about in my video earlier this week: I’ve finally found pictures of the far side of other knitter’s Color Affection shawls and realized they had the same “problem” I did.  So it’s not actually a problem and I do not have to knit all of those extra section three pattern repeats! HUZZAH!  I am down to a single color of working yarn again…which makes me so very, very happy.    It’s crazy how out of over 5800 projects, almost no one shows that end of the shawl and the pattern doesn’t clearly say that there will be ____ stitches left over when done.  It leaves the impression that all of the body stitches will be consumed by the short rows.  (Now I need to figure out what I’m going to do with these small balls of leftovers.  They do not seem to be enough to use for colorwork, but they’re too much to just chuck out.  And dude, cashmere/silk blend!  I’m thinking of maybe holding them double and knitting a small luxury toy for myself? I’ll likely do a Rebecca Danger Monster or something else really simple.  We’ll see. )

So my thoughts have been turning to how 2012 Q3 Stashdown are going to end for me and man, it’s not looking so good.  At this point if I can stay at or above .1 yard out for each yard in, I’ll declare it a win.  I stashed this quarter and most of it was in the last month when I was so sad and lonely that I needed some fiber comfort.  (And I’m getting this sinking feeling that The Mister will be out of town again around Rhinebeck time…I doubt I’ll get to go this year which just compounded my SAD and spurred the impulse to purchase more.) I do not regret any of the purchases, but I am currently the most red person in the group.   Sorry Stashdowners, I didn’t mean to drag you all down with me!  At least if I finish my Color Affection in time, I should make my laughable goal.   Because of this, I’m thinking of imposing a No Buy Q4–and No Buy 2013 Q1– on myself to see if I can’t get some of that extra yarn knit up this fall into the winter.  One of the nice things about living where I am now, it will be much easier to want to knit: it will be so nice and chilly.

I’m half-tempted to do a Stash Flash post of all of the insanely pretty things I’ve been comforting myself with…but I can’t decide if that would be vulgar of me.  Hmmm.

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