Daily Archives: September 30, 2012

September 2012: Wrap-up

Yardage Totals 2012:

January: 817 yds
February: 782 yds
March: 1350 yds
April: 421 yds
May: 789 yds
June: 485 yds
July: 511yds
August: 368yds
September: 1786yds
Year to date: 7,309 yds or 4.15 miles

I knit over a mile’s worth of yarn in September, kittens.  A. Mile.  The last time I did that was not anytime in 2011, but December 2010.  It’s been almost 2 years since I was this productive while knitting.  I’m really hoping to keep things up at close to this pace for the remainder of the year: it will help me get all of my projects done.  It’s much easier to work with wool when it’s chilly outside.  We’re still not cold here yet–well, December weather by Texas standards, so fairly wintery for the South already–but it’s been enough that working with my hands is quite desirable.  It helps keep my fingers warm and blood circulating to them.  Our leaves are starting to turn lovely shades of orange and rust, and it’s been raining most days; is it getting pretty where you are at, kittens?  Is autumn finally showing signs of arriving?

2012 Stashdown: Q3

Kittens, it was another awful quarter for me.  Ouch.  But I am very pleased at the high yardage output and that almost 90% of it was from knitting and projects rather than destashing.   I really hope that Q4 will at least be green, even if only by a few hundred yards.  I do have some plans to do a lot of knitting and much less stashing;  I hope to stay under 2000 yards in*.  I have high hopes to finish a sport weight sweater, a pair of socks for me, 2 pairs of mittens, and 4 pairs of socks for the kiddles.  Those alone should be enough to keep me green for the quarter.  Wish me luck!  
*I did plan to do a No Buy for Q4, but that’s unrealistic: one of my favorite dyers is offering some of my most coveted colorways as dye-to-orders the next three months.   There’s no way I’m passing those up.  The new plan is to do minimal damage with those and then pretend all other yarn doesn’t exist.  If I keep myself as busy as I plan, that shouldn’t be too difficult.