Daily Archives: October 4, 2012

Not a Podcast: Episode 5

Kittens! It’s that time of the week again.  While the video is getting posted a little later at night than I’d like, it will post on Wednesday.  Huzzah!  Today I talked for a little over 20 minutes–that’s even after editing some stuff out that I realized just wasn’t working.  (I’ll take better notes and talk about those later or maybe actually write a blog post about them.  I realized part way through talking about them how negative I was being, and I think that may be better suited to text.)  I think my color editing and cuts were a bit better this time. I seem to finally be getting the hang of how to do it and getting better at catching natural breaks in my speech.  What do you think, kittens?  Is there anything you’d like to see me do a video entry on or is this current format enjoyable enough to watch?

And Vimeo: why you keep catching stills of my looking so angry?!  O A O  This is a pleasant podcast, I swear!!

Onto the show notes.

Ghastly Uma.  US size 8 & 10s.  Twisted Fiber Arts Olivia in Ghost, ~940yds.  11 days start to finish: feeling like a knitting rock star.  Oh yeah.

Trick Or Treat! US size 1.5 with LL’s Shepherd Sock in Trick Or Treat.

Soon to Cast-On:
Goodale in Bugga!  Arge Moth
Sweet Vintage Tomatoes.  I’m pretty excited to try out Cat Bordhi’s Sweet Tomato Heel with these.  Now if you love to knit socks and want to spend the $20 on the ebook, have at it!  Socks with pockets and socks designed to look like zebras aren’t exactly my thing…but if it floats your boat, enjoy it!  (And there are some lovely sock patterns in there; I just have similar patterns already.  I’m weird when it comes to sock patterns: I do not like to pay for them.)

Giftmas Plans:
♥ More Ribbed Socks for Kids for The Boy in Buzzed and Donkey Kong.
♥ Ribbed Socks for The Girl in Positively Pink and Astro (And I was correct about how long I’ve been hanging onto the Vesper without using it: stashed in July 2010).  
♥ Promised linkie for Ma Vie en Rose, how I used the other skein of Positively Pink.
♥ More Aquaphobia Socks or perhaps Hermione’s Everyday Socks for my sister in Vintage Kitchen. (HES seem to work really well for self-striping yarns too.)