WIP-it Wednesday: 10 October 2012

Kittens!  I am taking a break from the video entries this week to give myself a chance to better organize my notes and maybe have an FO for you next week.  I didn’t finish anything and my current WIPs are not too interesting: it would have been a pretty short boring show. 😉  [And I kinda sorta want to go to a knit date tonight and editing the entries always takes me longer than planned.  So um, hiatus for a week!]

That doesn’t mean I can’t share my WIPs with you, though. ♥

Behold!  You may recognize the Trick Or Treat Socks and see the start of Pinkie Pie socks for my daughter (I started those while meeting a bunch of lovely ladies that all live within BLOCKS of me on post…crazy!).  The brown square is part of a collaborative blanket knit.  I mostly knit socks this week.  This isn’t a bad thing, but socks often have so little to show for them.  Last night, I finally pulled out the Wide Striped Blanket O’ Doom and worked 5 rows of that, and I’ve even been quilting a few lines a day on that languishing bed quilt.  About time too–it’s been cold here already.  I think I see many hand knit/crocheted/sewn blankets in my future.

So that’s been my week: how have you all been?  Keeping warm?

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