Not a Podcast: Episode 6

17Oct2012 from SewKnitpicky on Vimeo.

Kittens, it’s been two weeks since I made a video entry.  This one got a little long at just under 26 minutes.  It gave my computer issues saving it, but I *think* it’s OK.  I watch these through quite a few times throughout the process, and it was looking alright when I skimmed it.  Despite my thoughts at the end of the video, I was neither able to get this up early, nor to attend a knit date: it was cancelled.  I’m hoping the weather holds out next week.  I’m trying to enjoy all of the freedom I can get right now.  Once the Mister leaves for his “business trip,” I’ll be restricted to going out just to the daytime play dates during that time.
I’m still learning how to edit video, so I appreciate the patience with me.  This one isn’t too bad, but a couple of the jumps are fairly jarring.  I *could* play with more effects, but I tend to find them annoying and distracting.  And once again, Vimeo’s preview image makes me look like I am seriously peeved about something.
And in Manda-ese, “early morning” is 10am.  Just in case anyone was wondering.  During a part of this video, I was seriously tempted to make a paper shark and play the Jaws theme.  I’m not sure if such goofiness would be appreciated in a podcast.  I know as I do more of these, the format and tone will evolve with it.  So um, consider yourselves warned: the more comfortable I get with this, the more my quirks will pop up.
Anywho!  Show notes, let me show you them.

Trick or Treat Socks— Aquaphobia Socks by Crystal Flanagan. US size 1.5. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in Trick Or Treat. 17 days start to finish. ~ 254yds.
♥ A note about the LL’s: I believe they no longer make the 50g skeins like I used here.  They’re all 100g now. 

Pinkie Pie Socks – Susan B. Anderson
Monkey’s Little Sister – If you look at the back left corner of the video, there on the bookshelf is the purple monkey.  A couple of nights ago, she was renamed to Diamond.  The Girl tells me that the pink monkey’s name is Ruby.  All day she’s been chattering at me about how I’m working on Ruby.  Too Cute.  And since making the video this morning, I finished the second arm and am now working on the feet and legs.  It’s slowly moving.
 Rebecca Danger
Wide Stripes–the never-ending blanket o’ doom.  DOOM!  And uh, sorry about trying to deafen you all.  I think my needles hit the wall as I was trying to show how wide the blanket is.

Soon to Cast-On:
♥  ???  Way too many choices.  The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz was the book I was thinking of.

Stash Flash:
Bad Amy Knits – Etsy shop  (She also sews and sells cute knitting bags.)
Dancing Dog Dyeworks – Etsy shop  (For those wondering about why I said, “‘colorway’ of the month,” it’s because the last two months have had multiple colors up for grabs.  Last month there were 3;  this month was the same when she opened up the new colors.)
DDD Ravelry group

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