Today in pictures

This is what’s happened to my lovely view, Kittens. Just a week ago, there were still pretty golden leaves all over those trees, and now, you can see hints of winter in them.

Today I took my Ghastly Uma out into the wild.  Even with short sleeves, it’s quite warm.  Too warm for the house at the moment, but I suspect that in winter, it will make an excellent house sweater.

Life is never boring with a Shiba Inu, which are crazy chewers. This poor toy did not make it even 2 hours before Tala managed to open its head and pull out all of the stuffing. It’s like a crime scene, and I’m some sort of CSI documenting the carnage.  (These toys are rated at a 7 or 8 on the toughness scale; I can not imagine how quickly she’d rip open a standard toy.)  She takes so much glee in ripping the insides out of these toys.

And that’s my Saturday!  I hope it’s treating you all well!

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