October 2012: Wrap-up

Kittens!  I decided not to bombard you with posts tomorrow.  I’ve slowed down a touch on my knitting this last week, and I doubt I’ll work on anything further than I already have.  I may as well do my monthly yardage tally post today.

We’re all doing fine after Sandy hit last night.  She ended up fizzling out before she could do any real damage here. We had some high winds for about 6 hours last night, but by 4 am, it was calm and clear again.  Today we’re even seeing some blue skies.  I hope everyone out there on the East Coast is as fortunate as we were.  I’ve been thinking about all of you. ♥

Yardage Totals 2012:

January: 817 yds
February: 782 yds
March: 1350 yds
April: 421 yds
May: 789 yds
June: 485 yds
July: 511yds
August: 368 yds
September: 1786 yds
October: 879 yds
Year to date: 8,188 yds or 4.65 miles

For as much as I knit this month, that number is disappointingly low.  Not that it matters, but it’s a pride issue for me.  Just under half of it was in socks (which let’s face it, are seriously time consuming for little yardage used), a quarter of it was the wide stripes blanket o’ doom, and the other quarter was small objects like mittens and a toy.  I may be the world’s slowest toy knitter.  But I did manage to finish quite a few projects and this first month of Q4 Stashdown, I’m doing really well.  I’m mean really well.  I’m looking to save a little face when all is said and done if November and December are more of the same. Yowza.

I hope you are all well today, kittens, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.  (Sick preschooler permitting.  *knocks on wood*)

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