Not A Podcast: Episode 9

Again, with the pissed off face*.  I think Vimeo is trying to make me look as unpleasant and crazy as possible!  One things these podcasts have taught me: I have a very animated style of talking.  My goodness.  Another short one this week, kittens.

*Though, I will say this: I *should* have a pissed off face since a lot went wrong this week…including losing the video editing software I had and I could not get back.  My whole computer had to be wiped and the OS re-installed   So I downloaded a trial.  It chopped everything to 3 minutes and I didn’t realize it until I went to make this post.  OH, all the negative feels that ensued from that!  So I gave in and bought the software and had to put this post up much later than I had been expecting to.  At least this week’s video was easy to redo, having been done in a single cut with no real edits to speak of.  This has been my week.

♥ None this week.
Gnomies Can Never Be Broken
Welcoming Owl

Soon to Cast-On:
♥ Goodale by Cecily Glowick MacDonald.  Thank you so much Jen, for gifting it to me!

Stash Flash:

 ♥ This wasn’t part of the show because it showed up after I filmed, but here’s some more Dancing Dog Dye Dyeworks that  I pre-ordered last month.  An audible squeal may have escaped me when I opened this.  And I may have startled The Boy when I did so.  Yeah, I’m totally winning Mother Of The Year today.


  1. Jen says:

    Love the stash flash! Yay on the pattern. I have wanted to make that one forever. Can't wait to see you make it!

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