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Not A Podcast: Episode 10

Apparently instead of looking pissed off in the Vimeo screen capture this week, I have boo-boo lip instead.  I keep hoping for a pleasant face one of these days!  This week’s episode is a big longer than the last two; I guess I was feeling chatty. ♥

♥ I should clarify one thing in regards to my irritation about the earlier “Black Friday” openings:  while the consumerism bothers me, it irritates me even more that all of the employees will be forced to work and miss out on family time. During one of the only holidays we have that isn’t focused on buying a ton of crap.  It’s about a nice meal and time with loved ones–family or friends.  I used to work retail before things got really crazy these past few years and even then it was mandatory to work the day after Thanksgiving.  No exceptions.  I’m really upset for anyone who is being forced to start work at 8PM Thanksgiving night and then work overnight into the morning.  This ruins their entire Thanksgiving day too.  I wag my shame finger at any retailer participating in this practice, and I hope that there isn’t enough business to justify making this a trend and the new norm.

I’ll step off my soap box now.

♥ Welcoming Owl
Another Lucy’s Owl!
♥ This is where I buy my safety eyes: 6060 Etsy Shop
Squoosh Fiberarts
Chiaogoo needles (Thanks to the site, I now know I misprounced the brand name.)
 Gnomies Can Never Be Broken

Soon to Cast-On:
♥ Goodale by Cecily Glowick MacDonald.  Thank you so much Jen, for gifting it to me!
Reindeer from Teeny-Tiny MochiMochi.

Stash Flash:
♥  None.  Shocking, I know.