Daily Archives: November 22, 2012

Not A Podcast: Episode 11

This one got away from me, kittens.  I recorded late in the day and then was too busy to type up show notes until about bedtime.  Keeping them short and sweet this week.  I had issues getting words out of my mouth, both on Sunday and today…not sure what was going on there.  I haven’t had that many issues in awhile.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Birthday Owl– this was very well received.

♥ Gnomies Can Never Be Broken
♥ Pinkie Pie Socks
♥20 Penguin Puffs
♥Goodale (about time, amirite?!)

Next on Deck:
♥ Not even thinking about it at this time.  So much to do with my current projects!

Stash Flash:
♥  None.  I’ve been showing some rare will power because I’m butting up pretty close to my yardage in goal for the quarter already.  Any more purchases and I’ll blow it.  So anything acquired had better be really special. 😉