Not A Podcast: Episode 14

I’m sorry it took a few extra days to get this up, Kittens.  I had wanted to get this up before the Giftmas holiday and that just didn’t work out with our schedule here.  We decided to travel back home and that was more involved than we thought it would be…and we’ve been seriously busy since we arrived here.  That’s not a bad thing. 😉

Onto the show notes!

♥ Despite leaving a day later, we did not, infact, avoid the snow.  We just hit it on the first leg of the trip instead of the second half.

20 Penguin Puffs
Gnomies Can Never Be Broken – These were finished on 06 December 2012.
Keeping His Neck Warm

Kitchy Keen socks – Jeck is an excellent pattern for variegated yarns so far.  Will be knitting this again.
It’s On Like Donkey Kong!

Next On Deck:
♥ Winter Coat-this is getting increasingly complicated.
♥ 600 Monsters Strong- Rav Group/ FB Page
   –  Please check it out!

Stash Flash:
♥ Harry Potter Knight Bus screen print is from Amanda aka The Craft Junky

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