December 2012: Wrap-up

Yardage Totals 2012:

January: 817 yds
February: 782 yds
March: 1350 yds
April: 421 yds
May: 789 yds
June: 485 yds
July: 511yds
August: 368 yds
September: 1786 yds
October: 879 yds
November: 1095yds
December: 1140yds 
Year to date: 10,423 yds or 5.92 miles

And that’s a wrap, kittens! I do technically have the rest of today left, but realistically I will not knit more than a few yards while spending the day with my family.  I was looking at last year’s numbers, and I knit over 2,000 more yards this year than last!  That’s definitely an improvement; 2011 was a really low output year for me.  I’m hoping 2013 will be just as productive, if not more so.

Happy New Year, kittens!  See you in 2013.

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