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Not A Podcast: Episode 15

Kittens.  Once again I find myself so very happy that I do not have to worry about my public image.  Vimeo has taken me from a rage monster to a sad panda.  It is amazing what kind of faces one makes when speaking.

I apologize for the length this time around.  Pushing 40 minutes may be a bit too long to listen to me ramble.  Enjoy!  And onto the show notes…

♥  Twice a month vs. 3 times a month…any thoughts, kittens?


It’s On Like Donkey Kong!— Eeep. I know I took pictures, but can not find them anywhere…to be continued, I guess?!
♥ Kitchy Keen— These were well-received.  I’m hoping the yarn wears well and justifies my positive first impressions of the yarn.


Monsters for Conneticut–2 done so far, nearing the end on a third.  Might get to a fourth?
– Monster #1 had size 9mm safety eyes, while #2 has 12mm safety eyes. I forgot to mention that second part while recording.

Blanket of Doooom–started in January 2010, still truckin’ on it.  I’m nearing the 50% mark!

Goodale–minimal progress made, but at least it’s moving.  I have so many other projects going on that it’s hard to find time for this one.

Next On Deck:

♥ Monster Commission
♥ Socks for The Husband

Stash Flash:

♥ None, really.  Just a few skeins to finish off some pre-existing sweater lots

Let’s Chat:

♥ Chatting about the nature of my stash, where I want it to go, and an upcoming post about getting a picture of it all.