Knot A Podcast: Episode 17

Kittens, I had a hard time focusing this week.  I’m going to blame the last couple nights without proper sleep.  That’s reasonable…right?  At least Vimeo did not capture me with rage face this week!

Anywho, onto the show notes!
♥ The Ravelry group now has 27 members, most of them new-to-me.  Thank for watching and welcome!
♥ The podcast was featured on run by Carla.  Thank you, Carla!
♥ I signed up for a hand-painted sock yarn workshop in April.  So excited to go to that!  Come on, spring! 
Commission for my friend from, “Bea the Basement Monster Pattern,” by Rebecca Danger.
Birthday gift for The Boy’s friend from, “Dot the Dress Up Box Monster,” by Rebecca Danger.  I think this pattern could make an awesome Clefairy.
–> 6060 Etsy for safety eyes
Knucks  (Yes, from Summer 2006 issue of Knitty)
Next On Deck:
♥ Now that my pattern notes have been found, it’s time to focus on Goodale! 
♥ Maybe some more socks for my kiddles?
Stash Flash:
♥ Annettle has a fun podcast, Gentle Ribbing, and a yarn shop, Soft Like Kittens.  Love the bases from what I felt so far…and for the curious: yes, the little chocolate bar was tasty–but sadly, not fizzy.  The “Hokey Pokeys” were sort of like puffed rice.


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