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Knot A Podcast: Episode 18

Kittens, Vimeo is at it again: rage face.  This time I actually did rant a bit, so that one might be genuine annoyance.  Or illness.  Take your pick.

I had quite the two weeks, most of it wasn’t very pleasant.  Between illness and stolen credit card numbers, we’ve been pretty busy at Chez Knitpicky.  Add to that my increasing frustrations from trying to get hosted by Blip or figure out how to generate an RSS feed to get onto iTunes and well, this podcaster isn’t too happy right now–though I did learn a few other things that will be helpful in the long term.  Maybe next episode I’ll talk about why I’ve been so timid to really come out as a PODCASTER and get into some of the details of all the work it entails.  As is my nature, I want to do this… but 100% on my own terms.  Which means I’m likely going to disappoint and not meet others’ expectations.

You usually come here for the show notes, not my personal issues. 😉

♥ Ravelry Group has 34 members!  Yay!  Thank you for joining me.
♥ Knit Picks’ security snafu.  The not-really-an-apology from CEO Matt Petkun is here.  I am still undecided if I’ll purchase from KP in the future.  I might just pay the few extra dollars elsewhere that hasn’t lost my info and then failed to tell me about it for a month.
♥ This is technically from the end because I forgot, but I have caved in and joined Plurk as SewKnipicky.  I am still trying to figure out the interface.
♥ And if you have been having issues with the sound on the podcast, please come tell me in the group or a PM.  I can not fix a problem I’m unaware the extent or cause of.


Pirate Patches – super easy crochet pattern that has been amusing my children for the last couple of days.


♥ Blanket O’ Doom
♥ Goodale – there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  I should hopefully be showing this off as an FO next show.  Whoo!  And many apologies for how much my web cam hates teal.

Next On Needles:

Hey Girl – new pattern by Chic Knits (Bonne Marie Burns) in this lovely Squoosh I could not pass up and have been sitting on since April 2012.  It’s time to cast on some of my less aged yarn, amirite?
♥  Trying to figure out how to use these lovelies that have been marinating in stash since August 2009 (HOLY MOOSE).  I will be opening a thread in the group to ask for pattern opinions.

Thank you for watching!