Knot A Podcast: Episode 27

Sorry it’s up a day late, kittens.  Life happens and all that jazz.

My week was pretty quiet.  I’m still chugging away at compressing all of the old KaP episodes and need to track down the first 6.  They’re hiding on an external hard drive.

Come say hello in the Knot a Podcast Ravelry group!


♥  “Dooooooooooooom” – Hitchhiker by Martina Behm.


♥ Another Hitchhiker scarf; they’re like potato chips!  Soft Like Kittens yarn, dyed by Annette.
♥ Small progress made on Pomme de Pin.

Spinning A Yarn:

♥ Still working through the Great Adirondack BFL from last week.  Spun ~1.2/3.9oz so far.

Stash Enhancement:

♥ Mentioned Voolenvine’s Podcast, “Yarngasm.”
Spun Right Round
Three Waters Farm

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