Knot A Podcast: Episode 31

It’s that day again, kittens!  This is the last week that I’ll be doing the weekly podcast for the summer.  I’m going bi-weekly until at least the end of July…maybe until school gets back in after Labor Day.

I only just noticed the text snafu during the final watching.  LOL.  So sorry about that.

Show Notes:

♥ Come join us for Sock it to Summer!
♥  My small destash, if you’re interested.

♥ Hitchiker #3
♥ Pomme de Pin, “The never-ending cardigan”

Spinning a Yarn:
♥ Pigeonroof Studios SW Merino in “Magnolia”

Stitchin’ Corner:
Springtime Sampler from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

Stash Enhancement:
♥ Another Trindle

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