September 2013: Wrap-up

Yardage Totals 2013:
January: 869yds
February: 1,038yds
March:  1,100yds
April:  1,251yds
May: 1,112yds
June: 452yds
July: 453yds
August: 169yds
September: 781yds

Year To Date: 7,225yds or 4.11 miles

September was a much more productive months after August’s heat!  We have been so lucky to have relatively cool weather this fall.  It’s still been warm but beautiful enough to want to work with wool.  Thanks to some small, heavier weight projects my yardage knit was way up this month.  It’s amazing how much non-sock projects can bank up and in less time.

I have big plans for the fall including at least one sweater, a few pairs of socks, and finally trying to finish up the Blanket O’ Doooom.  In cross-stitch I plan to finish my Dessert Sampler, complete my Spooky Sampler, and get the Autum Sampler from Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery out of the way.  I have a few sewing and quilting projects I need to work on and finish as well.  I’m going to be busy; Wish me luck!

What do you kittens all have planned for the fall?  Is it full of yarny goodness or something else?

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