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Show Notes: Knot A Podcast Episode 53

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Show Notes: “A Farewell to Blogger”

Frances the Sock Wearing Fox by Jenna Krupar. I was able to just barely eek two out of a single skein of Spud and Chloe Sweater for the bodies. Eyes and noses are from 6060 Etsy.

♥ Moderne Log Cabin Blanket
♥ Vanilla socks using Lollipop Yarn in “Fuzzy Wuzzy”

Spinning A Yarn:
♥ Spun Right Round BFL in “Love Bug”

Stash Enhancement:
♥ Issue 3 of Ply magazine is available!
Moonrover Sheepshanks in “Momijigari,” thanks to Stephanie over at Hot Pink Socks “Ewes & Reviews.” Thank you so much, Stephanie!

And then I talked a bit about 2013’s crafting in review as well as resolutions for 2014.

♥ I knit/crocheted 34 projects including 2 adult sized sweaters for me and 4 Hitchhiker scarves–1 of which was my first handspund project ever.
♥ I learned to spindle spin and started dyeing yarn. (Shop will be coming in March 2014; keep an eye out for it.)
♥ I fell back in love with cross stitch thanks to the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery and completed the Springtime Sampler, Summer Sampler, Dessert Sampler, and Halloween Spooky Samplers.
♥ Sewed purses, project bags, did a little quilting…many fabric related things.

2014 Craft Goals:
♥ Knitting- Participate in and complete Kate‘s personal sock club KAL. Knit 2-3 sweaters for myself out of stash yarn. Knit a bed blanket for my daughter and finish in a year.
♥ Spinning- Try to spin twice as much fiber as I acquire to stop stash from growing out of control–based on 3 5oz braids coming in this year, I’m aiming for 24-30oz spun. Purchase an e-spinner to help increase productivity, aid in plying, and help me spin larger quantities. Amanda wants some handspun sweaters!
♥ Cross Stitch- More Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery this year: Woodland Sampler, Winter Kawaii Sampler, and Autumn Sampler are all ready to go.
♥ Quilting/Sewing- Finished quilting the bed quilt upstairs. Work on a couple of quilted wall hangings. Make more bags for myself, to gift, and maybe some to sell. Start learning to alter patterns and work on garment sewing.

2013 Stashdown: Final Post




Kittens, here we are once again: the end of one year and the beginning of the next.  My fourth year of Stashdown participation has been completed, and for the fourth year in a row…I am in the red.  


I still feel optimistic about the process.  My stash out/in ratio was slightly larger this year than the previous two and while red, my stash in number was significantly smaller than the year before.  (And this time it included not one, but two, blanket quantities!)  For me, Stashdown has always been about the process and the opportunity to collect data about my crafting and stashing habits.  I’ve learned so much about myself during this exercise.  I know it would be crushing for some, but I still feel encouraged and plan to keep going.  I am not an All-or-Nothing person.  

I am feeling quite certain that 2014 is the year that I will finally see a stash reduction overall for the year.  Bring it on.