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Show Notes: Episode 90

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Show Notes: “2 KAL Entry”

Mama VertebraeTML and Chroma
Momijigari socksMoonRover sock yarn

Spinning A Yarn:
Three Waters Farm
♥ Salt City Fiber Works
ITW “Odds & Ends” on my Bosworth Moosie

Let Me Enable You:
♥ MoonRover October 2014 fiber club
Fat Squirrel Fibers small wedge bag

Episode 90: 2 KAL Entry

Episode 90: 2 KAL Entry

This week I focused on my Mama Vertebrae which I’m hoping to finish in the next two days. I also have my Momijigari socks to show, some spinning projects, and some sewn project bags for Lamby Toes shop. Thank you for joining me today! Show notes can be found at sewknitpicky.net and please consider joining us in the Ravelry group!