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Show Notes: Episode 94

♥ Please come join us in the Ravelry group!
♥ The podcast is now on YouTube, if you prefer to watch there. Please remember to give my videos a thumbs up and do the same for other podcasts you enjoy!

Show Notes: “Words”

♥ You have a few weeks left to print any patterns from Petite Purls you’ve been eyeing.  It gets taken down 31 December!
♥ Fall into Shawls ends 31 December. There have been so many beautiful entries so far! Make sure you post your finished objects over in the Ravelry thread to be eligible for prizes!

♥ Suri Merino hat for my husband from Salt City handspun

♥ Moderne Log Cabin Blanket from Mason Dixon Knitting
♥ Felici socks for my mother in exchange for my daughter’s Halloween costume.

Up next are a lot of handspun mittens, a sweater, and some more knits for my grandmother.

Spinning a Yarn:
♥ Finished my Into the Whirled “Odds & Ends” on my Bosworth Moosie!
♥ Started spinning some MoonRover Darkside Batts on my other Bosworth spindle.

Stitcher’s Corner:
Woodland Sampler by the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

♥ MoonRover fiber club
Mochi Things
♥ washi tape
♥ Moleskine journal
Bullet Journal system
♥ Ravelry water bottle

Episode 94: Words

Episode 94: Words

Today is a long one kittens! I had a lot to talk about–mostly things I’ve received in the past two weeks that excite me. There’s a fair amount of crafting with an FO, a couple of knitting WIPs, some spinning, and I’ve resurrected my Woodland Sampler cross stitch! Show notes with resource links can be found at sewknitpicky.net