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Show Notes: Episode 110

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Show Notes: “Dodge This”

Mario the Artistic Rabbit by Jenna Krupar
6060 Etsy for eyes and noses

♥ O2 of O8 had a little work done on them

Spinning A Yarn:
CreatedByElsieB falkland spin is complete! It just needs washing and thwacking
Hello Yarn January 2015 club “Steadfast” cheviot is next up on the wheel

Fiber Piggery:
MoonRover March 2015 club landed
♥ GORGEOUS gifted handspun from Rachael. Thank you so much!!

Episode 110: Dodge This

Episode 110: Dodge This

It’s another quickie this week, kittens. I was struck down with a stomach virus and lost a couple of days to work, but I do have a finished bunny to share, a little progress on 02 of 08, and some spinning to show off. Spring is slow to come to the North Country, hopefully you are all faring better. Show notes can be found at sewknitpicky.net and please consider joining the Knot A Podcast Ravelry group. Thank you for spending some of your time with me today!