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Show Notes: Episode 123

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Show Notes: “Over-commitment”

George the Giant Squid by Jenna Krupar ($6 on Ravelry): Knit in Martha Stewart Soft wool and eyes are from 6060 Etsy.
Shark by Clare Doornbos ($3 on Ravelry and Etsy): Knit in Cotton-Ease and eyes are from 6060 Etsy. This pattern was a bit hard to follow. I will be updating my page notes with hints about where rounds start. I will also be knitting this pattern a second time to figure out the teeth. I did mis-speak several times when discussing this pattern: I was mistaken about the price and there are actually many projects made from it. No one else seems to have had the issues I did, which means the fault more likely comes from my reading comprehension than anything else. 😛

Spinning A Yarn:
♥ Hello Yarn Falkland “You Can’t Grow A Good Witch on Chalk.”
♥ Two if by Hand Falkland “Full Quiver”
♥ Southern Cross Fibre Falkland “Dragon Scales”

Fiber Piggery:
♥ October House June 2015 club on Polwarth

Stitcher’s Corner:
♥ Superman by Stitch Bucket

Episode 123: Over-commitment

Episode 123: Over-commitment

Happy Friday, kittens! I am running a bit late this week due to over-commitment and having to work my fingers to the bone, but I’m back to share all of those projects I finished up! I also have some spinning to share, my new October House club fiber, and I talk a little about the shop’s going on vacation in the month of July. Thank you for spending some of your time with me today! Please consider joining the Knot A Podcast Ravelry group and joining us in Sock it to Summer 2015!