2015 Stashdown: Q1 & Q2




So. It’s been a while since I’ve posted about my Stashdown efforts, eh, kittens?  2015 has found me more busy and with less free time than ever before, and somehow, before I realized it, 7 months of 12 have already passed and I have yet to post anything about this year’s efforts to reduce my stash.  It didn’t help that I decided to further complicate things by tracking my fiber stash at the same time, which I had noticed was starting to multiply like bunnies. Soft, fluffy, amazing little bunnies.

2014 was the first year of stash-tracking that my yardage out was greater than my yardage in for the entire year.  It took 5 years, but I eventually made it.  In terms of yarn, this is certainly holding true for 2015.  In fact, almost all yardage in this year is in the form of handspun–which I’ve added to the tally because it has become such a large part of my crafting life.  Very little of the current numbers are yarn that I purchased, even with some splurges at MDSW in May (although, now that I’m looking at those numbers, they may not be 100% accurate and I have no way to know what was added and what wasn’t…boo).  So overall, I’m feeling quite good about the state of my yarn stash.

My fiber stash, on the other hand, is growing at an even faster rate than I had realized.  In the first two quarters of 2015, I’ve seen a stash increase of 118.8oz….or 7.4lbs of fiber.  A newborn human’s worth of fiber has entered my stash since January, and that is after everything I have spun has been taken into account!  That’s a pretty sobering thought.  So far, Q3 is going much better in this area (even with gift fiber!), and I’m hoping to see the rest of the year ended in the green, chipping away at some of the monstrous gains I had in the first half of the year.  To help aid this effort, I reduced my two monthly fiber clubs down to a single one, and that seems to be helping quite a bit.  Tour de Fleece was another excellent push to get me actually spinning and some of that excess fiber into yarn form to be knit. Q4 will be aided by Spinzilla, which I hope to compete in, whether on a team or as a rogue spinner.

Now, I need to start knitting again.


  1. BChikBoutik says:

    I’m working on my stash as well! Just an idea but since you already have such a great client list possibly sell your handspun yarn on your etsy page? I’m sure it’ll sell 🙂 take it a step further and dye the handspun! Then create an email newsletter from the previous customers and let them know you do that now. Bam stash reduction all around!

  2. sewknitpicky says:

    I have actually played with dyeing fiber and plan to spin some up and maybe sell that in my shop…but at this point in time I’m not willing to sell any of my handspun from other dyers. 🙂

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