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Show Notes: Episode 130

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Show Notes: “Punchy”

Hi, kittens! I’m back from my trip to Alexandria where I had the pleasure of meeting Lizzy House and taking her Meadow course at Fibre Space! I had a great time. and I’m inspired to quilt all the things now.

Arbutus by Jane Richmond

♥ folded brim hat in Lamby Toes “Sweet Tooth”

Sewcial Events:
Pocket Pal wallet in some Lizzy House scraps.

Spinning a Yarn:
♥ MoonRover monster spin!

Wool Piggery:
♥ Hello Yarn August 2015 club fiber
♥ Amazing gift from my friend, Beth! So many fun things including some 716 Knits, Cotton and Steel fat quarters, and some cute rolags. Thank you, Beth!!

Episode 130: Punchy

Episode 130: Punchy

Thank you for joining me today, kittens! I have a short-ish episode for you all: I talk about my trip to Alexandria to take a class from Lizzy House, I have a Finished Object to show (SPOILER), I have a new project I cast on last week to show off, the first skein of 4 of my MoonRover spin has been plied, and I have a few new things to show you! Please join us in the Knot A Podcast Ravelry group where you can comment on episodes and chat with other viewers. Full show notes can be found on the blog at sewknitpicky.net.