September 2015: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2015:
January: 968yds
February: 159yds
March: 449yds
April: 1,039 yds
May: 350yds
June: 189yds
July: 174yds
August: 784yds
September: 1,016yds
2015 Totals: 4,589yds or 2.61 miles

There has been a definite upswing in my knitting productivity this month, kittens! (And this doesn’t include a pattern repeat I knit on my Ulmus which is currently MIA.) It feels good to have a month with just over 1,000 yards knit again and so much to show for it. I finished a couple of small objects, as well as made progress on my Rhinebeck sweater. If I keep up this pace through the end of the year, I should easily be stash neutral or maybe even a tiny bit green! I am loving the cooler weather and the urge to knit it has brought with it. Happy knitting in October, you all!

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