2015 Stashdown: Wrap-Up


So 2015 has come to a close, and the numbers are in: I’m red all around. On average I stashed twice as much as I managed to work out of my stashes.


I could spend time re-explaining how this happened, but if you read the previous postings about my Stashdown efforts this year you’ll understand why the yarn number was bound to be red no matter what I did. It’s the growing pains of finally counting handspun in and out of stash, and I can live with that. I did stash a little yarn, but it was quite minimal, and I would hazard a guess that at most, it was 1/3 of the amount in. The fiber number hurts a little, however. I knew I was going to be red this year, but I really wasn’t expecting to increase my stash by 120.2 oz, or 7.5 pounds. My stash grew in size from a young toddler and added a newborn to it! I am now living with a 2-3 year old child’s amount of fiber, and it’s starting to burst from the seams. Ouch.

I plan to continue with my efforts and shake this year off. Better things in 2016!

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