Daily Archives: February 8, 2016

2016 Challenge: #KnitTheBin and #SpinTheBin

In spite of some hefty crafting goals in 2016 (or perhaps to aid in them), I had a mildly crazy idea come to me in the second week of January: I should issue myself a challenge similar to what the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary group over on Ravelry does and place braids of fiber in a bin for me to spin up by a certain period of time. Wait. How about I add a bin of yarn that needs to be knit in that time as well? Even better: how about I make myself give away anything I do not spin or knit up in that time from those bins?!

Thus, #KnitTheBin and #SpinTheBin were born. I made a post on InstaGram to make it official. (I was the very first post to use the #KnitTheBin hashtag which made this idea all the more attractive; I rarely get to be first at anything.)


The idea is really quite simple. Every 4 months I will fill the respective bins with fibers and yarns I want to use in that period of time. The first set of Bins are to be used up by 31 April, 2016, at which point I reset the bins for May, June, July, and August. It shouldn’t be so easy that I will knock the bins out without much effort but not so hard as to make the task demoralizing and impossible. I can add on projects at my discretion that are separate from this challenge, but I am not allowing myself to do any substitutions. I am hoping to do monthly updates on the state of this challenge, both with what I’ve finished and what I have left to do.

Be watching for the first one later in February!

Do you like to make games to accomplish goals? Are you doing something similar to this? I would love to see what you plan to work on.