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Stashdown 2016: Q1


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So. The first quarter of 2016 has already come and gone: where is the time going, kittens?! It seems like just yesterday it was Christmas, and here we are: 01 April.

First Quarter can not be said to be very successful at first glance; I’m red in both the fiber and yarn categories. The numbers are promising, though! I noticed with my fiber increase, despite the fact I’m in the red, I brought in almost 30 fewer ounces of fiber than the same time last year (This is ~7 braids of fiber, as a frame of reference). I also spun less, but this shows a decrease in buying–which is what this exercise is really about. I will take any positives I can find here! Most of my fiber purchases were large ones, which meant less buying overall and plans for bigger projects. I’d call that good, wouldn’t you? I also had an increase in my yarn stash of just over 1800 yards. That might not sound like a win at first, but when you take into account that one of my purchases was an 1800yd sweater quantity, it gives some reference to how well I did in knitting up at least what I was bringing in. Had I forgone the SQ, my stash increase would have been a paltry 53 yards. I was very close to stash neutral with this level of buying and knitting I’ve been doing. This is *huge* without destashing involved, so I’m rather chuffed about it. I’m really hopeful that Q2 is going to be an overwhelming success across the board! How can it not be if I keep things going at this pace?

March 2016: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2016:
 January: 728yds
February: 1,062yds
March: 1,042yds
2015 Totals: 2,832yds or 1.61 miles


Well, kittens! March was another month of higher knitting output, and it could have been even better had I not focused on spinning the last week of the month. I am very pleased with how things are going so far with KnitTheBin; it really seems to be helping me focus on getting projects finished and out of stash!  My goal is to average 734yds of knitting every month for a total of 5 miles knit by the end of 2016, which I once again exceeded by over 300 yards. I would say I’m well on my way!

There isn’t much to say about March. I was a very monogamous knitter again, which means fewer projects but more progress shown on them. I managed to finish a giant pair of handspun socks for my husband, knit almost half a sweater for myself, I started a sample sock for Lamby, and I put some work in on my daughter’s blanket (a project now over 2 years in the making). In April, I’m hoping to finish the sweater and sock, as well as knit another pair of socks (the final pair in my Bin to knit up).

How did you all do in March? Did you get a lot of knitting done during the weird weather patterns we’ve been having? Or was your March much drier and warmer than mine and better suited to being outdoors?