Show Notes: Episode 152

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♥ Please come join us in the Ravelry group!
♥ The podcast is now on YouTube, if you prefer to watch there. Please remember to give my videos a thumbs up and do the same for other podcasts you enjoy!
♥ If you like speckle-y sock yarn, you might want to check out my Etsy

Show Notes: “Adventures in Podcasting”

♥ I announced a prize winner for the “Clean Slates and Big Things” craft-a-long: please be sure to watch the first half of the episode if you’ve been active in there. 🙂

♥ Wolf River by Melissa Schaschwary

Spinning A Yarn:
♥ I finished Hello Yarn Corriedale in “But the Tree Glowed”: I ended up with 5.7oz of 2-ply with ~484yds. This will become Man Socks in the near future.
♥ I’m about to start Hedgehog Fibres Sparkly Merino Top

Fiber Piggery:
♥ Hello Yarn March club: “Hummingbird” on BFL

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