Spinzilla 2016: Final Results

Spinzilla has come and gone yet again, kittens. This was my second year participating, and I did pretty well, if I may say so myself. I made one goal: double what I did in 2015, my first year participating. I came pretty darn close!

In 2015, I spun ~13.6 ounces of fiber, for just over 1,800 yards after plying credit.

This year….

017 025 037 044 061 068 075
I spun 22.4 ounces of fiber, for a total of 3,822 yards after plying credits were taken into account. 2.17 miles of spun wool, baby! The results of who spun the most and ranking order will not be announced until Monday, and I doubt I spun quite enough to make the list (I believe it tracks the top 20 or 25 spinners for both the team and rogue categories), but I’m still excited to see who spun what during the week. Who knows? Maybe I will get lucky and win a prize for my participating. The $10 entry fee was well-worth the motivation to get so much stash spun up in such a short amount of time, so I feel like a winner regardless of outcome.

Here they are before their bath: so much squishy goodness!

Here they are before their bath: so much squishy goodness!

Last year, in Episode 133 of the podcast, I made a list of some things I could do differently in the future to improve my productivity and buy myself some more spinning time.  The only one I really implemented this year was to have my main spin ready to go in advance, and when I started the second one, I had it all layed out and prepped in a short period of time. It allowed me to not think about the order of little nests as I spun them. But there wasn’t anything else I could have done that I did do, and several obstacles arose which ate up time and kept me out of the house and unable to spin for hours of the day. So. I definitely found more time this year, but I still could have dedicated much more to the event if I had chosen to.  I definitely plan to participate in 2017’s Spinzilla competition, likely still as a Rogue Spinner. (I prefer to not have anyone rely on me for results: I’m a lone wolf of sorts. Ha.) Depending on this year’s results, I think I’m going to gun for a spot on the list of top Rogue Spinners next year. If it’s obtainable and doesn’t involve never sleeping again.

Did you play along with Spinzilla this year? Were you on a team or did you spin Rogue? How did you do? Are you happy with your spinning you accomplished?


  1. Caysie says:

    I love your yarn and all the pics! I tried to take photos every day, but I was spinning mostly in the evenings so the lighting sucked 😛 yes, prepping before hand really helps! last year I did not do that, and it majorly helped speed things along. I definitely could not do the top spinners thing… with work/life/pain I don’t think I could possibly do more than I did this year (without wreaking havoc on my body), so I don’t know what my goal will be next year! I had fun spinning on my chill and encouraging team… I’m pleased with my yardage however I do think I skewed towards quantity over quality a few times. I had to keep reminding myself to slow down and be consistent. but I must say, it feels good to be back to knitting again!

  2. sewknitpicky says:

    I also spun a lot at night and had to wait until the next morning to take some of my photos.

    Next year, I would like to spin some finer-weight yarns. I wasn’t trying to spin so thick, but some of it is a still new-to-me spinner and wanting to get through that pile. It worked out since it’s the weight of yarn I needed for my project.

  3. sewknitpicky says:

    Aw, thank you, Linda! I’m hoping to cast on the big spin very shortly and get a beautiful large shawl/wrap out of it. I’m very excited to see how it knits up.

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