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Stashdown 2016: Q4 and Yearly Totals

Final totals for 2016's Stashdown effort. I failed. Again.

Final totals for 2016’s Stashdown effort. I failed. Again. Go figure.

So here it is: the final numbers for 2016.

I managed to just squeak by on my fiber Stashdown goal for the quarter; I spun and destashed just over 18oz out of stash when I was hoping for a minimum of 16oz. (I had an unofficial and unvoiced goal of getting down to 500 oz even before the year was over, but after Spinzilla, my spinning mojo deserted me. It can be a fickle thing.) I had high hopes to end the quarter stash-neutral–by my definition, +/- 200 yards of 0–but that didn’t happen with my yarn stash. I brought in two last-minute Lamby acquisitions and I wasn’t able to complete a pair of socks or the sweater I currently have in progress; the two together would have just about zeroed me out for the quarter, even with the extra yarn.  As you can see, for the year I’m in the red for both categories. *WHOMP WHOMP*

As usual, I’m not discouraged by this. Every time I fail to meet a goal, I view it as having learned a new way something didn’t work for me. I actually think this current method, but with some tweaks, is working out just fine. I really find the paper tracking useful and when added with a paper-tracked knitting goal every month, I found it easier to resist most yarny and fibery temptations. My ratio to yardage out to yardage in actually improved a bit in 2016 vs. 2015, and I’m still trying to figure out how I want to combat Lamby acquisitions and handspun coming into stash. A healthy portion of that number this year was those two things. 4,115 yards of the 24,010 was yarns from my own shop (17.1% of the total), and 4,427 yards were from my own handspun (18.4%). Over 1/3 of 2016’s acquired yarns were self-produced. The other just-under 2/3 were mostly to complete projects: I bought a large amount of yardage to finish my daughter’s blanket, I purchased odd skeins to pair with others in multi-colored shawls I plan to knit this year, but a good amount of the rest was Hedgehog Fibres and Must Stash self-striping yarns. I will never apologize for collecting either of those.

So for 2017, I think I’m going to stay the course, but have small, attainable monthly goals for both my yarn and fiber Stashdown efforts. I hope to knit 750 yards out of stash every month this year, and I’m hoping to spin out 8 ounces every month. This is the equivalent of 2 heavier fingering weight skeins of yarn and two braids of fiber, respectively, so I think they’re manageable. Of course, if I do better than that, I will not complain. I’m also dropping the idea of The Bins. They were a bit too restrictive, and I need more freedom in my crafting.

Very shortly here, I will be putting up a podcast episode and blog post detailing all of 2017’s plans. Talk to you shortly, kittens!

December 2016: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2016:
 January: 728yds
February: 1,062yds
March: 1,042yds
April: 706yds
May: 1,922yds
June: 411yds
July: 869yds
August: 924yds
September: 947yds
October: 1,427yds
November: 1,786yds
December: 1,550yds
2016 Totals: 13,374yds or 7.60 miles


Well, kittens, I did manage to end 2016 strong in the yardage knit department! I am very pleased with how far I exceeded by modest goal to knit 8,800yds (5 miles) in this calendar year. With the exception of one low month, June, I met the required 734yds per month I would need to knit in order to make it. (OK. YES, there were 2 other months that I was a touch below that, but I count anything within 30 yards as having met my goal. Close enough is…close enough, yes?)

It felt good to knit as much as I did after 2015’s all-time low, but I know it’s still a pretty low yardage output when placed in context of my stashing habits.  So I will continue to work on both until I am able to get my stash to a more reasonable place that I find comfortable. On the knitting side of things, I’m going to keep my knitting goal fairly unambitious: since I was able to knit over 13,000yds this year with a couple of rock star months, my goal for 2017 is to average 1,000 yards of yarn knit for a total of 12,000 yards in the year. This is ~ 6.82 miles worth of yarn. I feel like I can accomplish this will still spinning, sewing, and working on some cross-stitch.

2017 looks like it may be a year that I will need all of the crafting comfort I can get, but I’m hoping it will be a good one.