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Show Notes: Episode 187

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♥ Please come join us in the Ravelry group!
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Show Notes: “Ch-ch-changes”

♥ Sock it to Summer 2017 is ending the last day of August! You still have time to get those last minute finished socks entered!

♥ O4 of 12 Socks: these are almost finished. They are the longest socks I have ever knit, and I’m getting a bit sick of them.
♥ 10 Stitch Blanket: I am almost done with the third square. I have two more rounds to go then this one is fini!
♥ My daughter picked my next pair of socks for my personal sock club. It’s not looking good for getting through 12 pairs this year, but I’m OK with that.
♥ Next on deck is Threipmuir. If I do not get started soon, I may not finish it in time for New York Sheep and Wool.

Life Chat:
♥ I discussed the last 3 weeks of my life.
♥ I discussed changes that are coming to both the podcast and my shop. I hope it will not be too disappointing to anyone, but I really need a change.

Discussion Topic: “What I wear, vs. what I do not.”

I have discovered that I wear only a small portion of most items I knit which can be disappointing, but I think I’ve honed in on what makes different types of knits wearable for me. I would love to hear what you have learned during your time knitting! Do you wear everything you knit? Have your tastes changed? Let me know in the comments!

Episode 187: Ch-ch-changes


Hi, kittens! Thank you for spending some of your time catching up with me today! Today’s episode has a couple of WIPs, a little Lamby update news, and a few minutes of chatting at the end, including my plans for the future of the podcast and my shop. Show notes can be found on the blog at SewKnitpicky.net, and please consider joining the Knot A Podcast Ravelry group!

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