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Show Notes: Episode 191

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Show Notes: “2017 Wrap Up + Farewell, KAP”

It’s a long one today, kittens. Buckle up, grab a drink, and enjoy!

Pixel Rise Socks 
Lady Marple
Never Not Gnoming
Northwest Elf

♥ Mentioned: Wilson Bickford-paintings/art instructor
Falala Llama by Andwabisabi
Joyful Noise sock yarn from Knitterly Things
Jerry Roupe Scandinavian Fairy Cross Stitch Craft Book

I talked all about my 2017 goals, how I did on them, and what my plans for 2018 are. If you want to watch the entire video, I have snippets of “Vlogmas” videos I took during the month of December and my 2017 Stash Toss at the end.

Episode 191: 2017 Wrap Up + Farewell, KAP


Kittens, thank you so much for 5 years of Knot A Podcast! I will be back later this winter with a new podcast; think of it as Regenerating.

Today’s episode is a long one…full of FOs, Crafty acquisitions, my 2017 yearly wrap up, my 2018 crafty aspirations, my silly attempt at Vlogmas, and I tossed my stash for you all to see. Have a lovely 2018! I will be back to talk with you all soon.