January 2018: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2018:

 January: 1,679yds
2018 Totals: 1,679 yds or 0.95 miles


So. 2018, eh?

I spent most of January hiding on my couch– under a blanket and a small warm dog–knitting like a maniac on projects that need to go out the door. This was even with a large amount of cross stitch (not one but TWO projects!) and other projects I worked on along the way. (I laced and framed several finished cross stitch pieces, finished sewing a pair of pants, read three books… .) My month off from Lamby has been good for my crafting–I’m afraid I could get used to having all of this time to leisurely work on pretty handmade things–but it can’t last forever.  February will be focusing on larger projects and more cross stitch, so I expect a small dip in yardage knit next month. But we shall see!

How about you, kitten? What did you work on in January? Have you had a good start to the new year?

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