February 2018: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2018:

 January: 1,679yds
February: 1,069yds
2018 Totals: 2,748 yds or 1.56 miles


February always passes so quickly, doesn’t it?

It doesn’t feel like February should be so short. In reality, it is only 2-3 days shorter than any other month…but that loss of 2 days seems significant. I am quite pleased at how much I knit this month, but as I predicted after January, I did see my yardage go down a tad for exactly the reasons stated: I focused on a few larger projects that were more time consuming. I knit a fifth Sockhead Hat (seems to be a Thing this year for me), I worked on a pair of hand knit socks for my husband, and then I started working on the lovely but time-consuming Ginsberg cardigan. I did do some cross stitch early on in the month, but lost my desire to continue after that point.

Onto March, yes? I plan to finish my cardigan, start a new pair of lovely socks in some yarn that arrived in the mail last week, and hopefully I will resurrect a long-languishing WIP that I do really want the FO of.

How about you? What did you work on in February? Did it seem to fly by? Do you have any interesting making plans for March?

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