June 2018: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2018:

 January: 1,679yds
February: 1,069yds
March: 2,377yds
April: 3,370yds
May: 1,139yds
June: 1,389yds
2018 Totals: 11,023 yds or 6.26 miles

We’re only halfway through the year, and I’m already under 1,000 yards from my goal of 12,000 to knit. It’s been pretty wild, yeah? 2018 is looking to possibly be the highest “production” year I’ve possibly ever had: those fingering weight sweaters are really adding up. Now that summer has descended upon us, I expect my knitting mojo to wane for a couple of months; I very likely will work on only socks and maybe scrap blankets inbetween other crafting projects. But you know what? I’m totally OK with that.

How about you, kitten? Have you been working on much this last month? Do you have some summer crafting plans?

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