August 2019: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2019:

 January: 695 yds
February: 1,197 yds
March: 182yds
April: 0yds
May: 0yds
June: 0yds
July: 345yds
August: 134yds

2019 Totals: 2,553 yds or 1.45 miles


I liiiiiive.

But I haven’t really been knitting during my time away. The move was more involved than I thought it would be, and I turned to insatiable smut-reading as my comfort during that time. (Seriously. 2+ books a day. Most of it is tracked on my GoodReads account; I’m not owning up to all of it. Some things are best kept to ourselves, yes?) I am slowly easing back into crafting and hope to re-enter those respective worlds soon.

I hope you all had a lovely spring and summer, kittens. What have you been working on?

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