September 2019: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2019:

 January: 695 yds
February: 1,197 yds
March: 182yds
April: 0yds
May: 0yds
June: 0yds
July: 345yds
August: 134yds
September: 510yds

2019 Totals: 3,063 yds or 1.74 miles


So. September went a little better than previous months. I’m still not knitting daily, but I am starting to knit a couple times a week. All of this yardage was worked on a strip of a long-term WIP scrap blanket I started back in 2011. I realized it’s almost wide enough to finish up, and I think that will be a goal in the next 6 months. I think 1 more narrow-ish strip, plus some kind of a border to tie it all together should do it. I wasn’t entirely sure why I brought this project to Korea with me, since I decided to leave all of my scraps assigned to this project back in storage in the US. Whoops? But if I work on a couple of the projects I bagged to work on while I’m here, I will have enough yarn to knit another strip of some size and in the near future. It should all work out.

It was another pretty warm month here, and very humid so wool isn’t desirable to touch. Did you work on anything, kitten? Any interesting projects you want to share?

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