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008: I’m Back.

Hi, everyone!

Thank you for spending some of your time with me today! This episode is nearly all chat: I tell you a bit about where I’ve been since we last spoke, wrap up 2019, and give some vague ideas of what I want to accomplish in 2020. Happy New Year!

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Stashdown 2019: Q4 + Wrap-Up

So this is it: let’s see how I fared during my 2019 stash down efforts, yeah?

Fiber in-16.0oz
Fiber out- 4.9oz
Ratio out/in- .31
Total fiber stash change: +11.1oz

Yarn in-475yds
Yarn out-4,881yds
Ratio out/in: 10.28
Total yarn stash change: -4,406yds

Nothing but 0s all around in all categories. Exciting, right? 

Nothing but 0s all around in all categories. Exciting, right? 

Yarn in-674yds
Yarn out-981yds
Ratio out/in: 1.46
Total yarn stash change: -307yds

2019 Totals:
Fiber in-16.0oz
Fiber out- 4.9oz
Ratio out/in- .31
Total fiber stash change: +11.1oz

Yarn in-1,149yds
Yarn out-5,862yds
Ratio out/in: 5.10
Total yarn stash change: -4,713yds


Thanks to a lack of spinning mojo and moving during the Tour de Fleece this year, I ended up in the red for the fiber category. By a whole 11 ounces, or just shy of 3 braids of fiber. I am not going to lose sleep over that, as I think that’s pretty respectable given I haven’t spun since February or maybe March. (And I still have a spin just over halfway completed on my wheel that’s waiting for me to come back.) I did stash a little bit at the beginning of the year, but it was 2 club braids and 8 ounces of semi solid minis I purchased from a seller. That’s almost nothing in the grand scheme of things and would have been stupidly easy to overcome had this been a more normal year for me. I’m hoping to rediscover my desire to spin in the early months of 2020.

My yarn stashdown efforts are more impressive looking, though on an equally small scale as my fiber ones. Very little stash moved in or out this year—again, due to the chaos of moving to the other side of the globe. I ended up in the green here, with a net loss of 4,713 yards of yarn—the bulk of which was a donation to my MIL to knit preemie hats for her local hospital, so it’s not nearly as impressive as it looks—or about 11 standard sized skeins of sock yarn. Not too shabby. I had a little yarn purchasing Q4 for projects I am working on right away, and the rest of my yardage in was a skein of handspun. I think this is the least yarn or fiber I have ever purchased, and while I like it, it’s also rather odd to me and I keep assuming I must have forgotten to log something.

And there you have it, kittens. It was a mixed bag this year, and I’m hoping to be more focused in 2020 and get some big numbers out. I have 2 potential scrap blanket monsters to count out as I finish those up, and I have plans to knit many of the bagged projects I brought with me to Korea. I’m also hoping to finish at least a few spins; we’ll see how I feel during TdF and Spinzilla this year. I’m hoping to have a pretty productive year that neatens up my stash cabinet.

How about you? If you were tracking, how did your stash change this year?

December 2019: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2019:

 January: 695 yds
February: 1,197 yds
March: 182yds
April: 0yds
May: 0yds
June: 0yds
July: 345yds
August: 134yds
September: 510yds
October: 208yds
November: 208yds
December: 496yds

2019 Totals: 3,975 yds or 2.26 miles



So. I ended the year relatively strong compared to where I’ve been for the last 9 months. Gotta take those wins where I can get them, right? In December, I finished my Margo Poncho—just waiting on the buttons so I can sew them on—and I managed to knit my 2019 Advent socks from The Cozy Knitter. They were not finished in time for Xmas this year, but they were completed with several days of the year left to spare. I would call that a win.

I will be continuing to track my yardage into 2020, making it the eighth year I’ve been doing so publicly on the blog. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long already, and wow…shiny new decade to boot. I am not making any firm yardage goals for this coming year; I think I’ve learned my lesson about how unpredictable my life is going to be while we’re out of country. Who knows where my whims will take me next that may not be knitting?

So here’s to a better and brighter year. May yours be full of things and people you love.

Did you work on anything, kitten? Any interesting projects you worked on this fall you want to share?