December 2019: Wrap-Up

Yardage Totals 2019:

 January: 695 yds
February: 1,197 yds
March: 182yds
April: 0yds
May: 0yds
June: 0yds
July: 345yds
August: 134yds
September: 510yds
October: 208yds
November: 208yds
December: 496yds

2019 Totals: 3,975 yds or 2.26 miles



So. I ended the year relatively strong compared to where I’ve been for the last 9 months. Gotta take those wins where I can get them, right? In December, I finished my Margo Poncho—just waiting on the buttons so I can sew them on—and I managed to knit my 2019 Advent socks from The Cozy Knitter. They were not finished in time for Xmas this year, but they were completed with several days of the year left to spare. I would call that a win.

I will be continuing to track my yardage into 2020, making it the eighth year I’ve been doing so publicly on the blog. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long already, and wow…shiny new decade to boot. I am not making any firm yardage goals for this coming year; I think I’ve learned my lesson about how unpredictable my life is going to be while we’re out of country. Who knows where my whims will take me next that may not be knitting?

So here’s to a better and brighter year. May yours be full of things and people you love.

Did you work on anything, kitten? Any interesting projects you worked on this fall you want to share?

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